I love Sundays, yet I hate them at the same time.

Sunday is my only day off. I always plan to get things done (cleaning/organizing/writing) and always end up doing none of the above, and just chilling (laying in bed, watching movies, maybe some reading, or just constantly checking FB, twitter, instagram, and vine; and now with NASCAR back, watching the races). It’s so damn frustrating. I should just never plan on doing anything on Sundays, then I wouldn’t feel so unaccomplished.

Well, it is only 10:15 am, let’s see what I can accomplish today…

Have a great day folks!

3 comments on “Sundays

  1. I agree with you. I’ve never seen the stats on suicides, but I’ll bet Sunday is one of the higher days.

    Besides all the things you wrote, I often struggle to go to sleep Sunday night. It’s like your work week is starting, you’re wondering if you’re doing what you ought to be doing, you’re dreading going back, you’re pissed you weren’t more productive, etc., etc….

    • Saturday nights, I don’t get to bed until usually 1 or 2 am, because after working all day, then driving for a long time, I am very stiff and sore. If I try to go to bed at normal time, I won’t fall asleep, just toss and turn because of the soreness. So I usually watch some movies and think about all the stuff I am going to do Sunday, lol. Sundays I am up by 9, because me and the pup have to go and get the paper, unlike this very chilly morning of -10, I drove up. It’s hard to wake up early, but once I am up, I’m fine. I’ll usually say I will take a nap, doesn’t ever happen. Then Bam, it’s like 9 pm already.

      And I haven’t done a thing, except the laundry!

      • Yeah, it’s funny how laundry always gets done. We always do what we have to do, so maybe part of our problem is we set our sights too high.

        One of the reasons I SOOO fell for Eastern Philosophy is how it reaffirms how great we are, which in a weird way helps to make you more productive. So, in your case, you would wake up and say, “You’re beautiful, Stacy, and God loves you! And you worked so hard this week and your bills are paid and you own a house and you’re just an amazing success. You don’t weigh 500 pounds, you’re beautiful, and you love to write and are pursuing this incredible dream that so many others are too afraid to even consider.

        “So, relax today! You deserve it. And if you want to do an extra chore or two, go ahead. That’s exactly what a person of your make up would do.”

        Anyway, when I talk to myself that way instead of the Marine way I typically do, i.e., “Stan, you’re a worthless piece of shit, a disgrace to teh Marine Corps and your Dad who works so hard, etc., etc.,” I get more done. Pluse I feel WAY less guilty and FAR more happy.

        Hopefully, this hasty comment makes sense. And maybe even helps a bit!

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