Moving furniture around

Growing up, I would always rearrange my bedroom several times a year. When I moved into our new house, I always wanted a bed with a footboard, so that is what I ordered. After my folks had set it up, it was huge, adding a good 5 inches all around to the queen sized mattresses. Plus I had our old huge entertainment center that used to be in the basement. So moving my furniture around became near impossible.

After about 3 years, the EC got moved to the other wall, and the bed which crossed a corner got moved to the other side as well. It was a nice and welcomed change, because I was going a little stir crazy in not being able to move anything.

That lasted about another 3 to 4 years, and I recently (last Nov) turned my bed ninety degrees, since it had to be moved to work on an electrical plug which was behind it. I had figured one plan out. But slightly changed it last minute. It works. But, the floor near the wall that butts with the hallway, and the hallway, creaks so damn bad, and seems to get worse year after year. So I thought moving the bed, would keep me from walking on the floor there, thus stop the creaking. Umm, yeah, not so much.

So I got the bug, to move the bed how I was going to do it before the change last minute. I did all my measuring, and it will work perfectly. Yay! Once it hits to move things around, it takes over my mind. Just like cutting my hair. It drives me nuts.

My room is pretty large. I have and still do practically live in my bedroom. It’s like my own little house. Maybe that is why I like to change it up all the time. Keep it fresh. Find out what I like where. If I would have planned things out, I would have gotten a bed without a footboard (but I really really wanted one) or maybe even just went with a full (which in reality wouldn’t work because with my queen, I am still always on the edge of the bed due to my little 12 pound dog who is a HUGE bed hogger). And I am constantly running out of room for all of my dvds. I have 4 big 5-shelf stands, and am now using some bookcases. I just need a wall with all built in shelves, that would be awesome.

Anywho, who out there is also like this, wanting to rearrange furniture once or twice (or more) times a year?


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