Scheduling a Time to Write

The biggest problem that I seem to face, is making the time to write. I really need to schedule a time in the day to use strictly for writing, and abide by it. When I’m at work, all I can think about is writing. When I get home and eat dinner, and get settled in for the night, I get distracted by either watching a favorite show on tv, maybe watching a movie, lost in the world of a current book I am reading, a cleaning project, or it’s puppy play time. And then when I am working on a writing project, other ideas start flooding my brain. All it takes is a word, and it can ignite a lightning storm in my brain.

So, in my case, I think it would be extremely usefully to schedule a time to write, probably at night, and use that time, or just sit in the dark.

How do you write? In any free moment? Do you schedule time in your day?

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4 comments on “Scheduling a Time to Write

  1. I face the same problems… And honestly, I think fighting distractions is a real problem for almost every writer I know. (Some even use internet blocking extensions/apps.)

    For me, I’ve tried hard scheduling, I’ve tried huge writing goals, and a few other things.

    But when all is said and done, for me a low word count daily goal works best. So, I usually think, “I just need to write 250 words.” And that never seems too daunting, so I usually follow through with it, and almost always, you’ll write way more than that. It’s just the sitting down and focusing part that you need to force yourself to do.

    And on the TV temptation, that’s tough for everyone. I just kind of guilt myself. I still remember when I read King’s book and the whole “Read a lot, write a lot” advice. And I think he said to throw a brick through your TV in it, as well. So, anytime I’m watching TV for more than just an hour or so, I start telling myself I’m a chump, that I don’t want it, that I’ll never be successful. Then, I start to feel like crap and I finally get off my ass and go write some. : )

    Hope this helps!

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