Mission for Vince Flynn Day

We lost Vince Flynn last June. I declared April 6th (his birthday) as Vince Flynn Day. In preparation of Vince Flynn Day coming up, I have a mission: To make a Vince Flynn book purchase. What better way to honor the late ‪‎Vince Flynn ‬than by purchasing a Vince Flynn book on that day (April 6th).

Missing a book in your collection? A friend or relative missing a book in their collection? This would be the perfect day to make a purchase.

How about purchasing a book for a friend or relative, to donate to your local library, donate to a charity or an event, give to a stranger on the bus or in the mall. Maybe someone’s birthday or an anniversary is coming up.

Let’s make ‪‎The Rapp Pack‬ larger than ever.

I will be personally purchasing some books on April 6th for some fun giveaways over at @VinceFlynnFans this year. I will also be purchasing books to donate to The Harvath Directive. I encourage you to please make a purchase, whether it be paperback, audio, or an ebook, the format doesn’t matter.

Keep your calendars marked for Vince Flynn Day on April 6th!!!


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