The floodgates have opened…

A month ago, I was awaiting the perfect writing idea to hit me and to start work on it. Something interesting, something new. It had hit me. I started outlining it and all that jazz. But the last couple of weeks, ideas have just been pouring and pouring. Which normally, would be a good idea. But right now, not so much. I am already working on several projects, but as some of these new ideas come, I want to work on them. Well, I cannot possibly work on all of them. Normally the idea flow wouldn’t be a bad thing, but I simply cannot keeping up.

I used to just write an idea down in a notebook. Then eventually it would end up getting “lost” in the mix. I decided to now put the idea (even if it is just a title that popped into my head) down on paper, and then put it in a file folder. I am hoping this system will work a little better for me, than just putting it down in a notebook and coming across it several years later.

As to an update on the writing front (since this blog was to help me keep motivated and to keep me accountable), I have been working on typing up some earlier poetry that I had written in a book (over 100) and will them gather some of them into collections, and hopefully send them off for copyright (I know I own copyright already, but would like it to be “official”) then hopefully creating some poetry books. My poetry is very personal, so the thought of having it out there is very very scary. I always read my poems and think they are ok, while I read others and think they are amazing. I’ve had a friend tell me my work should be published, so we will see. Not sure how well poetry sells, but that really doesn’t matter that much to me. I would like to hold a “real” book in my hands of my own poetry. So that’s my main goal. If others purchase it, and even like it, all the better. Poetry to me is putting my heart and soul down on paper, while most poems come naturally and quickly, others take awhile to develop. The best thing I love about poetry is how it can have so many different meanings to people. While the author wrote it about a specific thing or for a specific reason, it can be interpreted differently to another. And poetry has NO rules. I love that.

Well, today is the last day of March. Bring on April and bring on Spring.

As always, I welcome any feedback.



2 comments on “The floodgates have opened…

  1. That’s exciting about the floodgate of ideas!!! (Though I can see where it could be a problem. : D)

    And I’ve never been much for poetry, but you should definitely get your poems published!!!

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