I’ve been a bad, bad, blogger

First, I must apologize for being MIA for a couple weeks….I keep saying myself everyday that I will blog tonight, and then I just don’t do it.

It’s been a couple of crazy and emotional weeks at work (the ups and downs of being a vet tech) and have found myself not really doing much of anything, but napping on my early days off (in which makes it hard to fall asleep at night), and watching some youtube Minecraft videos. It’s been hard to find the time (or desire) to really get any reading or writing done. But it is time to turn things around, even though at work we are now heading into our busy season (so I will probably end up napping late afternoons away on those early days…)

Seriously, at work, all I can think about is writing, and even try to sneak some in throughout the day, but then when I get home, bam, don’t do shit! I really really need to change this around. I need to rewire my brain.

And I am making a vow, to start blogging more frequently in May, everyday, or at least let’s say 3 times a week. I can do it. And maybe, just maybe, it will help motivate me more?!?! And I am going to work on being more interactive with the blogs I do follow [since I keep getting those emails about new posts 🙂 ], and maybe even discovering new blogs.

I am very excited for May, the snow is almost gone (Spring is here, yet, we are still getting into the 30s at night), the lake is working on uncovering itself (depending on the temps, we are still a couple weeks out), and one of my favorite books is coming out, Terry Hayes “I Am Pilgrim” in which I strongly suggest you to pick up a copy May 27th (I read an ARC and fell in love with it, can’t wait to have a hardcover in my hands and to read it again).

I could keep rambling on, but I felt I have probably bored you to death already.

In the words of the late Vince Flynn,

Keep The Faith


3 comments on “I’ve been a bad, bad, blogger

  1. You HAVE been a bad blogger! j/k : )

    And don’t sweat it. The fact you feel guilty and are so motivated to write and blog is awesome! Embrace it! So many want to and haven’t even taken the first step!

    Where were you on your writing project? Did you have an outline for it yet?

    • It seems like I have been constantly switching which project I want to work on. Back when I was reading “Red Hill” by Jamie McGuire, I came up with a few lines for a poem, that I thought I would end up using in a zombie apocalypse book, but the poem had turned into something bigger, and I have been “outlining” and working on that currently.

      I don’t like to share my ideas that I am working on, I have an irrational fear (maybe not so irrational in reality) that someone may steal it (the idea, a title, etc). So I am constantly biting my tongue, even though I want to share it with the world already, LOL.

      But I’ve been pretty excited about what I am currently working on, and try to sneak work on it at work if I get a chance or if a line pops into my head (if I don’t get it down right away, I tend to end up forgetting it)

      Where the heck did April go???

      • Gotcha. And yeah, April went WAY too fast!

        And regarding sharing your ideas, I think the bigger fear should be if you tell too much about them, you lose some of your excitement. I personally think stealing ideas isn’t that big of a threat. I panicked when I saw someone was writing a book with a somewhat similar premise to Mexican Heat, which I had nearly had done at that time, but his book is nothing like mine, thankfully.

        In the end, we’re all so different as authors that two people couldn’t write the same book even IF they tried with the same starting point and premise. I’m just pumped with your progress and hunger already!!!

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