The weekend is almost over

I can’t say that I have had a productive weekend. But had a fairly good weekend nonetheless. It was forecasted to be rainy all weekend, but all we had was clouds today. Could be a little warmer though.

Yesterday, I managed to get off from work an hour early (yay!) which is always appreciated, but the long day caught up with me, and I was pretty exhausted last night. I was so tired at 9:30, but ended up staying up until midnight.

This morning, went out to breakfast with the folks for Mother’s Day (Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mommas out there!), and spent many hours outside. It was nice. Very very nice. The weather needs to cooperate a little more, so we can get all of the outdoor things done that need to be done. Was planning on shaving my dog this week (she gets hot when it is warm out, and she picks up many ticks) but it is supposed to only be in the 50s. So, guess I will wait until next week.

So the plan for tonight, it some more chillaxin, and typing up some more previously written poems.

I recently started following MesAyah here on wordpress. He is doing a 365 daily poetry challenge, which will end up all in a book. I haven’t caught up on all the poems yet, but I am really enjoying them!

Earlier this year, I had actually had the idea of writing a poem a day and turning it into a book. I still have the desire to do this, but I won’t be starting it until 2015, since I already have way too many projects I am currently working on/thinking about. And I know while I could start it at any time, I just feel it would best to start with a new year (I’m weird like that).

I hope to have a chance to search for more interesting bloggers/blogs in the future. So if you have any recommendations, please let me know.

Anywho, Cheers to a very productive week to all!



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