The Fear

I meant to actually write this post for yesterday, but the words wouldn’t come to me. Sometimes, it is so hard to express my feelings.

The biggest fear that I have in my writing is that nobody will like it. I am sure this is or has been a fear of many writers. I think this is the reason as to why I write in spurts. I will get very excited about a project and have a ton of motivation to work on it (since it is new) and then, it just slowly drops off, before I can finish it.

I know that I shouldn’t let the fear take ahold of me, but I am subconsciously sabotaging myself. Granted, no one has really read any of my work.

So, is it irrational to have the fear of no one liking my work when no one has really read my work???

If you’ve had this fear, how have you overcome it? Or how are you dealing with it?

I’m not going to let the fear win. I will beat it. And if no one likes my work, then I will be ok with that, because I write for myself!



  • I am about half-way through “Murder, She Wrote season 7”
  • Not sure if I will make my goal for the number of books I wanted to read for May. But, it’s been a crazy month.
  • I went through my poems last night to pick which ones I want for a collection, and decided there wasn’t enough for what I wanted, so I am going to do a different collection instead – have to go through them again, and pick them. Have the title I will use for this collection, and have been thinking of book cover ideas. Hope to send out the collection for copyright next month.



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4 comments on “The Fear

    • You know, I started SK’s book “On Writing” many many years ago, and I actually don’t think I ever finished it. I should go back and finish it one of these days.

      • Well, I mention it because in it, you’ll find a story about how he threw the first draft of “Carrie” away. His wife saw it in the trash, started reading it, and told him it was good.

        A similar thing happened to me with “Little Man, and the Dixon County War.” I was in final edits and started doubting myself and told my wife I wasn’t going to publish it. She, having read it, said it was actually good enough to want to re-read it some day. At that point, I finally pulled the trigger.

        Had she not done that? Who knows. Maybe it would have taken six more months. Or another novel or two. Or maybe never?

        My point though is that no one has confidence early on. You got this. Just keep pushing and believing in yourself!!!

  1. “My point though is that no one has confidence early on. You got this. Just keep pushing and believing in yourself!!!”

    Words to live by! Thank you!

    P.S. I can never reply to your reply, so it always makes it as a new comment 😦

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