Robert Bidinotto’s newest release

Hi Guys!

Just wanted to share that my friend Robert Bidinotto has a new book out today. It’s a thriller called Bad Deeds and it is the sequel to his first novel Hunter, both starring vigilante Dylan Hunter.

You can order Bad Deeds from Amazon here and Hunter here

You can find out more about Robert here.

So, if you are a fellow Vince Flynn or Brad Thor fan, I definitely recommend you check out Mr. Bidinotto’s thrillers.

And if you enjoy his work, please, please, please spread the word. Indie authors survive by word of mouth. They put in a great amount of time and hard work, because they not only write the novel, but have to market it themselves as well (in which I am sure you know this). And many of my favorite authors are indie authors, or authors that have started by self-publishing.

Happy Readings!! 🙂


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