Poetry Book Progress

So, I have copied, organized an order, and moved the poems into a separate binder. I have 52. I think I may need to go through my collection again and pick more out (or go through that I may have floating around, or write a few more). I feel that to have an adequate book, I should at least have 75ish. For an ebook, the page number doesn’t really matter, but for a print book, I feel that it does. I don’t want too skinny of a book. And at the current amount, I would really need to do a poem a page, and only on one side.

I can definitely spend the time to write more poems (I have indeed already have quite a few that are currently unfinished), and feel I can still make my deadline of sending the collection for copyright and getting them up for Kindle/CreateSpace at the beginning of next year, which is my goal. It’s pushing it.

I know that technically I have copyright, but feel, that I want something official on it. Just for security. Before I put it out there.

But, it is coming together quite nicely, and I am very proud of it. Stay tuned…


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