How do you write?

One thing that I have always been intrigued by is how others write. I’m talking about the location in where they write, do they listen to music or must it be silent, is there a certain time of day they write the best or the most? Things like that.

I’m the type of person that when driving around at night, I love to look into people’s windows. Now, I’m not talking about being a peeping tom or a stalker, and there isn’t really a good way to say it without sounding creepy. But I love to see how people live, how they have their space. I’m not that into interior decoration and what not, but people intrigue me. It’s kind of like going on vacation and reading by the pool or beach (and I always bring a book to read) but yet, I can’t read, because the people watching is to fascinating. Ya know?

For me, I don’t really have a set time to write. I would like to do this though. But I just write whenever I get inspired to (which always seems to be when I am at work). If I am really into it, doesn’t matter if there are things to distract me, because I can just focus them out. If I am sitting down to do some writing, I like to have soft music playing. Not my favorite songs, because then I end up singing. Nothing too loud, so I can focus. I do have a few favorite artists to write to. One that I discovered a few years back is Raven Quinn. You should check out her work. She is an amazing artist, and not only musically. I think my favorite song of hers is “Silent Movie” which is actually a Demo Version/Rarity that turned into “No Fairytale” which is just as great, but the “Silent Movie” version just speaks to me.

I think organization is a huge part of being successful. I have so many years and years worth of ideas, many written on scraps of paper here and there, that I have been working on putting some order to it all. Strange to come across some, and I didn’t really put much into it, and have no clue what I was going for. And others are fresh in my mind as the day I conceived it. And I like to doodle things too. Doodling usually comes from the ideas that have popped up in my dreams. Seriously, I wish there was a way to record our dreams. That would be cool.

I know I have blogged about some of these things before, so I’m not really going to ask about any input. But if you want to share anything, it is always welcomed and appreciated.


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