This post isn’t about the kick ass tv show that was on PBS.

I’ve been thinking about doing a blog post about this topic for some time.

I don’t and never really have liked the idea of ghostwriting. For someone to put their name on a piece of work that isn’t theirs quite literally pisses me off. I know that another person was hired for that job, but I dislike it.

Whenever a celebrity comes out with a book (fiction) I am always leery of it. Even if it is a favorite celeb of mine, I more than likely will probably not purchase it. Because, let’s be honest, they didn’t write it. Someone else did. And their name got slapped on it. It’s all about the money. If there is a co-writer, then, I am more cool with it. (And to any celebrity who wrote a book of fiction, and actually did indeed WRITE it, then my apologies.) And I am in no way saying that no celebrity ever wrote a book. There are many out there that have. But I think the majority of books published by celebs are not.

Now, if a celebrity is to “write” a memoir, I think the same basic rule applies. A lot of times, it is another person writing it based upon interviews and such with the celeb. I am more ok with this (non-fiction instead of fiction), but again, if someone else wrote it, they need to be credited. I only buy memoirs of people that actually interest me anyways.

I am just really disliking this fad of celebrities “writing” books. It is quite annoying. And I feel it takes away from real authors.

There are so many terrific, awesome indie authors who will never make it big, that totally deserve to. If I fall in love with a book and/or author, I post about it EVERYWHERE! If I can turn it on to a friend, who can pass it along as well, it feels awesome.

Credit needs to be given where credit is due! If someone helped write the book, or wrote the book, they need to be penned as the author, or co-writer.

I could NEVER put my name on something I didn’t write. No matter how much money was offered to me. It isn’t right.

What are your thoughts and feelings on ghostwriters and ghostwriting?


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