It’s Friday the 13th!!

I don’t know about you, but I love Friday the 13th! And by love, I mean LOVE! I have always loved this day. And 13 is my favorite number. And by the way, my favorite horror character is definitely Jason Vorhees! The day has never been unlucky for. I am not very superstitious. So, it’s all good.

And as a added bonus, it’s a full moon out there. Seriously, I could stare at the moon all night long. I have a slight obsession with it. Nothing is better than in the middle of the winter, and there’s a full moon, and on the frozen lake, it almost looks like day out there. Can’t see the moon right now, it’s cloudy (of course anytime there is something cool happening in the sky, it is always cloudy).

Does anyone else remember back in the day, when stations would actually always have a “Friday, the 13th” movie marathon on? It was the best. Nowadays, that doesn’t happen. Hell, they barely even play any scary movies on this day. Totally bums me out. (Says the chick who is right now watching “Christmas With The Kranks” a Christmas movie! Ha!)

Enjoy the rest of the full moon and Friday the 13th!!


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