Busy day

So, today was a very busy day at work, so I didn’t really accomplish anything in the reading or writing category.

I have decided, on my poetry book, to do all of my poems. That brings the total to 101. The collection of poems will be from 1999-2008 (there may be a few that could be older, but I didn’t start dating the poems until ’99, and a few of them I remember doing in school when we were learning specific type of poems). So now that I have made that decision, I will gather them all together, and send them off for copyright. Not sure if I will do it electronically (which would be faster and less expensive – I would still use the option of mailing the document in instead of uploading it) or just mailing them (which takes longer and is more expensive). And I would likely wait until I receive the copyright certificate before putting it up on kindle/createspace. But then that gives me the time to edit and format, and come up with the cover (I have an idea of what I want to do, so that’s a start), in which, I am a total beginner in this department (self-publishing), so by the time I am ready with it all, I will likely receive my copyright.

I haven’t started on “Murder, She Wrote: season 8” yet, but hoping to this week. I have been hesitant to start, because it is one of those shows where I keep watching and cannot stop until I am done. Not ready for that to take over my life quite yet.

This week, we are in for some severe weather, oh joy. Today, luckily around here it just rained with some rumblings. Hopefully it stays the same throughout the week. Supposed to hit in the 90s tomorrow. Yuck. I prefer the 70s, or the 80s that is not humid and has a nice breeze. It’s funny, I used to love storms, but ever since I got my dog (who is afraid of them), I just dread them. She gets so scared, and doesn’t like to be comforted 😦 Lately, last couple months, she has been spending lots of time downstairs in the basement when the weather is bad (or not even bad, but rainy or windy). Poor little girl.

Anywho, that’s about it for now.


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