Just another Tuesday

Not much going on here. Still beaming with excitement about the news yesterday on the Mitch Rapp series!!

Today was a slow afternoon at work, so I was able to work on some writing. Adding some things in where they need to be. And I noticed that in a few stanzas, I had not only past tense, but present going on as well. So, I had to make a few adjustments there, but it didn’t affect the flow or the rhyming. Having both tenses in the same stanzas strangely enough hadn’t disturbed the flow of the stanza in the poem, but it looked strange. I think I didn’t catch them until now because as I would say them, it sounded fine. Weird. I do have a few present tense stanzas, but I think I will keep those as “action” ones. It makes a nice flow. Not sure how acceptable it will be, but, I don’t care. It’s my poem, and I will do what I want to. LOL

Poetry Book Update: I am in the process of printing out all my poems, yet another time. About half way through on the ones I recently typed. I have to open and do them all at one time, so it is taking a little bit. Then, I think I will be re-typing the ones I had typed up many years ago, so I have the same font and flow as the other ones. I hope to then, get it sent off to the copyright office some time next week. (I should just pick a date that I must have that done by. Hmmm. What’s a good one?? I’ll decide by tomorrow’s blog!) Still undecided if I want to print out the form and mail the entire thing, or fill out the form online (and still mail it in). The latter is supposed to be faster and cheaper. I am too afraid of uploading the document when doing it online, because I haven’t done this process before. Then, I will work on formatting them for kindle/createspace. Have to work on a cover. Already have a preface written. Have been thinking up an afterword. Not sure if I will do a dedication, but do have a few acknowledgements (well 2) that I’d like to do.

Not sure if I will wait to upload until I receive the copyright first, or not. I think I’ve been pretty redundant on that fact. I just don’t know.

P.S. If I ever keep repeating myself on things, you will have to tell me 🙂 I’d hate to be a bore.



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