And now, it’s just another Wednesday

I am currently printing reminder cards out for work. We don’t have a computer (YES, I KNOW!!) at work. We are very low tech. At least we can now make copies at work, since I brought my old printer to work. Anywho, so I was at first making labels. I only had a few documents on the MacBook. So, I went to create a document with labels, and it didn’t have the borders, like it does on Works (I am using Word). And I couldn’t figure it out. Then I remembered that I had put all my documents on my laptop onto a flash drive. Great. So I put that in, and tried to open the document, but it couldn’t. WTF?!?! All the documents are .wps, but were locked or whatever. Oh, I hate technology. So, I did what any sane person would do, and just opened the damn laptop. Boom. Done. Maybe it’s time to load MS Office into my laptop, but I have been reluctant because it has been giving me signs of a huge crash coming. And I haven’t turned on my desktop in a very long time, I should do that. It will probably have to do Windows Updates for hours and hours.

It’s not my day for technology though, about an hour ago, I tossed my remote control on my bed and it landed on my iPad and cracked the screen. It isn’t terribly bad, and just one little crack is on the visible part of the screen, the rest of it is on the side and just over the white part. But boy dos that infuriate me. And makes me a little sad. Guess I’ll be shopping for a new iPad this Black Friday.

And right now, my printer ran out of black ink, AND IT DIDN’T TELL ME OR STOP PRINTING!!! What the hell???? It told me black ink was low when I went to print, but shouldn’t it have stopped printing when the ink ran out? My Epson always did. Stupid HP.

So what else is gonna happen? Oh wait, that was 3. I should be good. LOL

Well, at least I am done printing now.

Time for a little writing and “Murder, She Wrote: season 8”. Just started it the other day. I love Jessica Fletcher!!! It’s a great character. And Angela Lansbury rocks!

I decided on July 10th as my day to have the collection of poems sent for copyright. Not sure what day of the week that is. And I hope to have it done before then. But that is the deadline date.

Have a Great Night!!


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