Another slow day at work

Another slow day at work….Gives me time to write.

And my current writing project has given me some new found excitement. Instead of it just being in one person the whole way through, I decided to add many more characters’ views (which seems to be the “in” thing right now, but that isn’t why I am doing it). For how I want to now structure it, I think a one person view would be too long, and maybe get a little boring??? So now, I have to put some more thought into it and do some outlining. For what I currently have written, I don’t even have a name for the character, or any descriptive matter about her. (Usually I have those things determined before I even start writing). And I was also thinking for each character, I can do different lengths of the stanzas of the poem. Mix it up a little bit.

If it all works out as I am now planning it, it will be 10 books long. Maybe they’d actually be more like novellas. I don’t know yet. We’ll see where and how this goes. I’ll keep you updated.


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