Today ended up being a very unproductive day. I had no motivation to do any writing today. So, I didn’t do any. I will give myself the day. But I do not want to have any more days like this. Unless it was a planned day to do nothing, in which today definitely was not, it makes me feel like a failure. I wouldn’t necessarily say that I am indeed a failure. The last couple days were pretty busy, but fun ones, and Sundays have always been my chill day. So, I don’t know why I always make a huge list of things to do in my head on this day, because I pretty much always set myself up for failure. I should stop doing that to myself.

I can’t believe that June is almost over. This month has flown by. Pretty soon, I’ll be saying the same thing about summer. It ended being a pretty gorgeous day. They had forecasted rain, but it was a beautiful blue sky with a few clouds. A lot of wind. Had my first official swim in the lake today. It felt a bit chilly, but it really hasn’t been that warm yet overall. It was very peaceful to be floating and watch the clouds float on by. Thought it would get my creative juices floating, but I think it was just too serene.

Here’s to a new week…


4 comments on “Failure?

  1. We’re so much alike, it’s crazy.

    I always set goals too large, as well, then feel like a failure afterward. And it doesn’t matter if you’re doing more than others, you still feel bad.

    I think we both need to learn to set lower, more realistic goals… We’d both be a lot happier and feel like we accomplished more…

    • It’s funny, I am a big list maker. When at work, I always make lists of everything I want/need to get done when I get home. Yet, I never look at the list again. Unless maybe I have a trip coming up, then I will actually pull the list out and cross things off. Otherwise, I think just the fact of writing it down gets it in my head.

      I think realistically, I shouldn’t set goals, and just let things flow. I think when I set goals, it puts pressure on me, and then, usually it just doesn’t get done. Because when I set a goal, I think I’ve set enough time for something, and then, it just isn’t enough time because of either something coming up at work (which makes a bad or sad/emotionally drained day) or etc.

      I think, i shouldn’t plan anything on Sundays, until I am back in the rhythm of having both days of the weekend off. Then I plan on doing all my cleaning and stuff on Saturdays, so I can enjoy my Sundays!

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