Just a lil note

This week has just been so crazy at work! Long days make for not much productivity in anything.

I am once again dog sitting this weekend, and I am planning and hoping to get lots of writing in. Right now, this is my passion, and I need to act on it. Things are a changing, and I feel I need to make my time now. Because who knows what the future holds? And I think there are going to be many personal changes coming up in the next few years, and I need to start getting things settled before they start to happen. I can’t actually discuss them, because they are things that haven’t been discussed or even decided on yet, but are things that will likely happen within the next few years, if not sooner. But I definitely have some research to do. And planning.

Anywho, it is already July 31st! Wowzers. Seems like it was just the 1st. Another month down. The older I get, I swear, time just flies by, and faster than ever before.


Favorite Holiday

Growing up, my favorite holiday was always Halloween. I loved to dress up and to go trick-or-treating. While true that most of the time, it was about the candy, as I got older, it was about seeing the homes and others dressed up.

But as I became adult, my favorite holiday has changed to Christmas. I love everything about it. Lots of family and friends time. The magic in the air. How people seem to become better people around the holidays. The Christmas movies! Decorating. And presents. Because, who doesn’t love presents?!?! I love the saying “it is better to give than to receive” because I love to give gifts, and I love to watch people opening them. I get so much joy through their joy.

This nearly brought tears to my eyes

RIP Soldier!

I initially first saw this on Facebook, and shared it. And since my friend Stan blogged about it, I thought I would share the blog (I don’t know how to share the videos that people post on FB quite yet).

This brought tears to my eyes. It was an amazing sight, May God Bless that Soldier’s family!

*You may have to click on the original post from Stan’s to see the video*

Stan R. Mitchell

Turn your volume down, get everyone to leave you alone, and take four minutes and watch the entire thing.

Just watch it and think about what you’re seeing.

(My thanks to Stacy Reller for highlighting this and bringing it to my attention.)

Keep the faith,

Stan R. Mitchell

Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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Favorite Season

Fall is definitely my favorite season. I rarely call it Autumn. How come it has 2 names, and the other seasons don’t??

I love the chill in the air, and its freshness and crispness. I love the changing of the leaves. Hot chocolate. Halloween. Sweatshirt, but shorts weather. Bonfires, they are the best in the Fall.

If I could live in a state of Fall all the time, I would. It would be perfect.

July is Winding Down

It’s really hard to believe that July is almost over. August always flies by. And by the time the MN State Fair hits, it’s Labor Day, and summer is over. Then we head into the dreaded Winter with 6-7 months of snow. Seriously. And it sucks. Maybe we will have a mild winter this year?!?! Please?!?!

I’ve been pretty focused on my poetry as of late, and I think it’s time that I get back into the novel I was working on when I first started this blog! I want to finish it by the end of the year. I must finish it by the end of the year. I will finish it by the end of the year.


I mainly stayed offline…

…and it felt so good.

I finally finished a book I’ve been reading for some time now.

I’ve been itching to get back to Harvath, so I just started Brad Thor’s “The First Commandment”. I missed Harvath. And I am still reading “Fade” by Kyle Mills.

And I actually just ordered all of Thor’s books in hardcover. I probably didn’t have to, or need to, but I wanted to. And hopefully, I can get them all signed next year, if his book tour comes by anywhere near 🙂

I haven’t turned my tv on for days. I turned it on about an hour ago, to watch some more “Murder, She Wrote” and have yet to complete the episode (2 more left of season 8). It’s funny, I have been pumped for a lot of new shows that are/were coming out that I’ve seen ads for, but haven’t checked any of them out. I’m a huge Big Brother fan, yet I’ve only caught one episode of this season. Maybe my priorities are changing??? Wouldn’t that be something.

Didn’t write at all today, but I did read. And it did feel nice to drop the digital life for a day.


We’ll see.

Sunday 7-27-14

I’m one of those people that are online all day, every day (except while at work, I may check my emails at lunch). But I can also do without for a day or more. The last couple years while on vacation, since I have an iPad now, and most hotels offer free wifi, I would spend every night uploading some pics and scrolling through some timelines. I definitely think this takes a little away from vacation, even though I did it at night when nothing much was going on.

It’s good to get away from technology every now and then.

So when Brad Thor tweeted this tonight, I decided to follow it:

“Final thought – take the day off tomorrow. Don’t touch anything with a power button. Read a book and appreciate what you have. : )”

Technically, I am breaking this right now, but when I finish this blog, I am powering down.

And, I think I may make this a ritual for Sundays.

Have a wonderful and peaceful Sunday!


Meeting Brad Thor

Last night (July 22nd), I had the honor of meeting Brad Thor! His book tour for his latest release “Act of War” brought him to Once Upon A Crime Books in Minneapolis, MN. I’ve never met him in person before, but have talked to him via Twitter (his is @BradThor, mine is @StacyReller) for some time now, and he has been a great supporter of @VinceFlynnFans.

First, I want to start off with, I have never been to Once Upon A Crime before, and, what a wonderful bookstore! The owners, Gary and Pat are just delightful. If you ever find yourself in the Cities, you must visit this place. I wish I lived closer. I hope to make another trip in the near future.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, and I have only been to one other signing before (Vince Flynn’s “American Assassin” tour in 2010), but it was pretty much more or less the same. The only sadness of the night was how it just made me miss VF that much more (which is the case of a lot of us fans). Now I will admit, I was a bit nervous, but as soon as it was my turn, it just disappeared. What a nice guy! I really think that authors are the best “celebrities”. They generally care about their fans, and it definitely shows. And for the most part, in my experience, fans of authors are less crazed and more laid back (yes, there are still some of those crazy ones, who think it is all about them, but not like a movie star’s or rock star’s fan, if you know what I am saying). While I have seen and heard about bad experiences with fellow fans from friends who run fan twitter pages, I have never once experienced it on any level while I have been running VFF the last 4 years. Of course it is true, that Vince Flynn HAS the greatest fans ever (and you can loop Thor fans in there as well, because for the most part, we are one and the same), but writer fans in general are just a different breed.

Ok, back on topic. Thor did a little talking, then a Q&A, then signing and pic time (there wasn’t any pics when went to the VF signing, because if there had been, we would have been there until 2 am). I had 4 books to get signed, so I waited near the end, which was totally fine with me. It was fun to watch the interactions between Thor and fellow fans. While sitting there, I also had the time to chat with one of the store owners, Pat. A lovely conversation, which included some Flynn talk, because OUAC was pretty much his stomping grounds. And I can see why.

Ok, back on topic, again. So, now it was my turn. Like I said, I was a lil wee nervous, but as soon as you get up to the table, and Thor invites you in with a warm welcome and smile, poof, it goes away. You can tell just how thankful he is that you are there to meet him (and that he gets to meet you), and that you have purchased his book. “What a Nice Guy” doesn’t really do it justice, but, he really is. And there is no faking that smile you have seen, especially is you’ve been catching all the pics on twitter/facebook this past week (which I will I say, I have been enjoying immensely). It was very cool to finally meet him in person, and vice versa. I don’t get to feel special very often, but he definitely made me feel special last night, even though I’m just one among the thousands and thousands of fans.

Thank You to Once Upon A Crime Books, Pat and Gary, the fellow fans, and Brad Thor for a terrific night.

As soon as I got home, I of course posted on the Twitter and the Facebook, but I also just had to send an email to Once Upon A Crime for such a lovely evening. They host many many events (signings and launch parties) throughout the year, and I definitely hope to get to more. Especially since I now know how to get there and that the drive wasn’t nearly as scary, LOL (I dislike freeways and any downtown areas).

And I just want to finish on a personal note. It’s amazing how lately (mainly the last couple of years) everything comes right back to Vince (it is seriously becoming a Six Degrees of Separation type thing). I won’t go into the story of how I became of Vince Flynn fan, but after I had gone to the signing in 2010 (which was a Thursday), I created VinceFlynnFans that weekend, because I noticed he wasn’t one twitter, and there were no fan ones, so I thought “Hey, I should create one for a place for VF fans to connect on twitter”. That Monday, I had the backing of Vince’s publicist, which I thought was the coolest thing ever. We are nearing 5,000 strong, which is amazing!! I have never done it for any perks or freebies, or anything like that. I just wanted a place for us all to connect. For the most part, I treat it like a job. Always keeping the tweets professional (no personal drama, like I have seen done on other “fan” pages). Because first and foremost, I am representing Vince. And then, I am representing the publishing house company(ies) and everyone involved in that. I am representing the fans. 90% of the book giveaways I do, is out of MY pocket, and I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂 Lately, I have been “promoting” other authors, and I feel ok to do that, since if I can introduce new/other authors to more fans, I feel it is better for everyone.

I honestly HONESTLY believe, that even though I did read Vince’s books, if I never created VFF, I may never have come across Brad Thor (as weird as it sounds even though it is the same genre) and others like Brad Taylor, Ben Coes, etc, etc, etc. Fellow fans have recommended them, and I am happy to be able to recommend them to others who ask. I’m working hard, very hard, to get to reading them all, but this stack is ever growing, and I have recently pushed Kyle Mills’ book “Fade” ahead, for “important” reasons. I haven’t read all of the authors I now recommend, and it somewhat bothers me because I don’t like to put out recs if I haven’t personally read them (just like if I am going to tweet about a charity, I am not going to unless I have donated first. Doesn’t seem right for me to ask you to do something, when I haven’t). I believe in paying it forward, and I was very lucky to have had Thor send me all of his books, which was a complete shocker, because I was expecting one, maybe 2 books. So, when Vince Flynn Day rolled around, what better way to pay it forward with a trifecta of wins (maybe a win-win-win-win situation), was to purchase ALL of Vinnie’s books and donate them to The Harvath Directive, which sends books over to the troops!

It is just amazing how many doors have opened, so to speak.

And it ultimately all comes back to, Vince Flynn.

Almost forgot, here’s my mug with Brad Thor:

Brad Thor 7/22/14


Some new thrillers released today

Some new books came out today:

Brad Taylor’s Days of Rage

Daniel Silva’s The Heist

Just thought I’d let you know, in case you didn’t 🙂


And don’t forget to check out:

Brad Thor’s Act of War (the next Scot Harvath thriller)

Terry Hayes’ I Am Pilgrim

Jamie McGuire’s Beautiful Oblivion


And any Vince Flynn novel!!