July Day 2014

Updates on Goals for June:

  1. I want to read 10 books this month. 5 at the minimum. 😦 But I did more writing instead 🙂
  2. I want to get all my friend’s books done and read! 😦 But I started, got 2 done 🙂
  3. Finalize the poetry collection book. :/ Just about there, goal is to be done by July 10th
  4. Write more poems. 🙂
  5. Finish organizing all of my ideas into respective folders and put in my writing drawer. 😦
  6. Watch season 8 of “Murder, She Wrote”. 🙂
  7. Blog every day. I want to be more interactive, and this is probably the best way to do it! 🙂 Except for June 30th, I DID IT!!

So how about some Goals for July:

  1. Finish Poetry Book collection and send off for copyright BY July 10th!
  2. Finish I of X in my current project
  3. Watch season 9 of “Murder, She Wrote”
  4. Read 5 books this month. 3 at the minimum

Keeping it short this month. Hoping to accomplish a lot this month. I cannot believe it is already July. Crazy.


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