It’s already July 10th???

Holy Moly! This month is flying by.

I just finished the final season of Dexter. Wow.

So, in my Monthly Goals, I had made myself the end date of July 10th in finishing my poetry book and sending it off. It is in fact, completed. The poems are all organized. Yay! I will likely not do the copyright thing until next week. I’m battling a migraine and a little allergy thing due to too many cats at work today (I’m not allergic to cats, but sometimes they really get to me). And I don’t think I want to risk trying to deal with technology right now.

But now that I have that done, I can and have been getting back into my current project.

And then last weekend — Did everyone have a good 4th????? Mine was awesome the first 2 days I had off, and a little irritated by the second 2 days I had off, but it was great none-the-less! — I came up with another idea. It’s for another poetry book. Seems like poetry is taking over. This is one I can work on, while I get back into the novel I was working on when I first started this blog, before these other projects jumped the gun and took off.

While I wait for the copyright on the poetry book, I will take the time to get it all formatted for ebook and print, and work on a cover design. I should have plenty of time for that, so when the copyright comes in, I will be good to go to get it published. Stressful and exciting all at the same time.

I still can’t believe it is July and the month is almost half over. Wowzers.

One last note: today in the mail, I received my last paycheck from the job I was laid off at. It’s a little bittersweet. But so far, I am enjoying my weekends off. Had 2 so far.


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