I mainly stayed offline…

…and it felt so good.

I finally finished a book I’ve been reading for some time now.

I’ve been itching to get back to Harvath, so I just started Brad Thor’s “The First Commandment”. I missed Harvath. And I am still reading “Fade” by Kyle Mills.

And I actually just ordered all of Thor’s books in hardcover. I probably didn’t have to, or need to, but I wanted to. And hopefully, I can get them all signed next year, if his book tour comes by anywhere near 🙂

I haven’t turned my tv on for days. I turned it on about an hour ago, to watch some more “Murder, She Wrote” and have yet to complete the episode (2 more left of season 8). It’s funny, I have been pumped for a lot of new shows that are/were coming out that I’ve seen ads for, but haven’t checked any of them out. I’m a huge Big Brother fan, yet I’ve only caught one episode of this season. Maybe my priorities are changing??? Wouldn’t that be something.

Didn’t write at all today, but I did read. And it did feel nice to drop the digital life for a day.


We’ll see.


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