Sunday 7-27-14

I’m one of those people that are online all day, every day (except while at work, I may check my emails at lunch). But I can also do without for a day or more. The last couple years while on vacation, since I have an iPad now, and most hotels offer free wifi, I would spend every night uploading some pics and scrolling through some timelines. I definitely think this takes a little away from vacation, even though I did it at night when nothing much was going on.

It’s good to get away from technology every now and then.

So when Brad Thor tweeted this tonight, I decided to follow it:

“Final thought – take the day off tomorrow. Don’t touch anything with a power button. Read a book and appreciate what you have. : )”

Technically, I am breaking this right now, but when I finish this blog, I am powering down.

And, I think I may make this a ritual for Sundays.

Have a wonderful and peaceful Sunday!



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