Just a lil note

This week has just been so crazy at work! Long days make for not much productivity in anything.

I am once again dog sitting this weekend, and I am planning and hoping to get lots of writing in. Right now, this is my passion, and I need to act on it. Things are a changing, and I feel I need to make my time now. Because who knows what the future holds? And I think there are going to be many personal changes coming up in the next few years, and I need to start getting things settled before they start to happen. I can’t actually discuss them, because they are things that haven’t been discussed or even decided on yet, but are things that will likely happen within the next few years, if not sooner. But I definitely have some research to do. And planning.

Anywho, it is already July 31st! Wowzers. Seems like it was just the 1st. Another month down. The older I get, I swear, time just flies by, and faster than ever before.



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