Labor Day / September Goals 2014

Happy Labor Day!! I hope all you laborers out there are having a fantastic day off (if you get one) and are having a fabulous weekend!! And with Labor Day, we say Goodbye to Summer. 😦

Since I did not have any monthly goals for August, I have no updates. Boy, did the month just fly by. Did get some relaxing and recharging in.

So how about some goals for September:

  • Setting up a “school” schedule. What this basically means is that I want to set up times for everything that I want to get done (setting up certain times for writing, reading, watching tv, cleaning, etc). More or less, just getting more organized.
  • Read 10 books!
  • Cut back on the youtube watching (I have become addicted. ADDICTED!!!)
  • Write everyday! This is a must!
  • And, I am going to blog everyday!

3 comments on “Labor Day / September Goals 2014

  1. That’s a great list! About the only thing I’d change is blogging every day. i had read somewhere that if you blog mroe than three times a week, you can lose followers because of how busy folks are. That it’s better to do three quality (or even great) ones, than four or five average ones.

    But then again, I’m kind of curious how a daily blog would work in attracting followers, so give it a try and let me know!!! lol

    Hope you have a great day!

    • I don’t have many followers right now and I don’t really push my blog anywhere to attract them. I will likely start when I get closer to pubbing anything. So, I’m not too concerned with the number of followers I have at this point. Plus, you are the only one who ever comments 🙂 I’m probably doing this wrong, but, heck, it’s my blog, and I will do what I want to do, haha. If people are interested and follow, terrific, if not, that’s alright too.

      When I blogged everyday back in June, I just remember feeling happier. I didn’t feel pressured to do it every day, but it made me a little more consistent and to work on picking topics that I may not have otherwise.

      We’ll see what happens. Thanks for your input!!

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