The Thankfulness Challenge – Day 4

The Thankfulness Challenge: Day 4

1. Electricity – Life would be different without electricity. I would love to go back into time and experience what life without electricity was like, but I don’t think I would like to live there. It is such an inconvenience when we find ourselves without power, it is somewhat troublesome just how dependent we are on it. So, I am very thankful for it.

2. My softball experience – I am thankful for all the wonderful memories I have had growing up and playing softball in the summers. And being a member of the most kick ass team EVER! Some members came and went, but there was a core group at the center of it. I definitely miss it, especially every time Spring is set to roll in. Best summers of my life!

3. Friends and Family – I am thankful for ALL of my family and friends. You make life crazy and fun. It is definitely a blessing to have such awesome people in my life. Many who I know, will always have my back, and vice versa. Family just isn’t blood, but there are many friends that I consider family. Even if we haven’t talked or visited in days, months, years, or even tens of years, (or in a few cases not having met in real life) it doesn’t matter. Our lives get busy, things get ignored, numbers get lost or changed, people move, but if and when our paths cross again, it will be just like yesterday. (and that ties into why I love FB so much)


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