The Thankfulness Challenge – Day 5

The Thankfulness Challenge – Day 5

(People Edition)

1. Niece & Nephew – I am thankful for my niece and nephew, who are the biggest joys in my life! I love them to death!

2. Buddy Holly – In my eyes, he is the greatest musician to have ever lived. Taken away from this world much too soon. He lives on through his music, through his words. He is the ONLY artist where I can listen to every single song, none of which disappoint.

3. Vince Flynn – No words are even needed, but, I am thankful for him. I am thankful to have had the chance to meet him. I am thankful for his family. I am thankful for his friends. I am thankful for his fans. It may not show, and I may not discuss it, but he has changed my life.

So, with that, that is my thankfulness challenge. I hope it brought a little more insight of me to you. And I had a great time doing this. Even if I have not nominated you (or you haven’t been nominated to do this, or the other alike challenges), I encourage you to do so.


3 comments on “The Thankfulness Challenge – Day 5

  1. This post has been in my email box for two days because I wanted to comment, but just now got the opportunity to.

    Anyway, obviously, I’m a huge Vince Flynn fan and I hate I never got to meet him. I think you shared part of your story with me about meeting him, but I was going to suggest you write like a full post on it, and since the meeting part might be a bit short, make the post as much about the impact he’s had on you.

    I think a post like that would possibly get a lot of views and be shared a lot. Plus, I’d love to read it, and it might even be a spot where like others would share their views of him and how he impacted them as well!

    So, let me know soon that you’re going to do this, or I may just harass you and post a comment on this page for like the next year!! lol

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