A lovely day so far

I’m coming up on 100 blogs (crazy) and I always feel like I am going to run out of blog titles, not that it really matters.

Anywho, I am having a lovely day, and I hope you all are as well.

This morning, started out by going to brunch with close friends aka The Gang (these are the friends that I consider family). Excellent as always. Picture perfect day, like yesterday, yet I hear by the end of the week, we are supposed to hit down into the 30s, NOOOOOOOO. I told ya Winter is coming.

The only downside of the day has been that the pup hasn’t been feeling well. She has been doing some squealing. We think it happens when she gets a gut pain or cramp, and then she lets out a squeal. More baby, breaks my heart. She hasn’t done it in awhile now so I think she is over it. Usually happens when she has been eating crap from outside. Sometimes happens when she doesn’t eat for hours on end, yesterday she didn’t eat until well after 2pm.

I was productive in a little cleaning and smashed my cans. Productive on the reading front (not sure if I will hit 10 books this month, unless I pick some smaller ones in my pile, but that’s ok). I didn’t start my “school schedule” last week, so going to really shoot for that this week, now that we are back to the full days of the week. Did pretty well with the #DropTheDigitalLifeSundays 🙂 AND, while searching for my “Things To Do” notebook I started last year, I found the writing project I was looking for last month! Yay! So, I am going to start up work on it, and start typing it into the computer. I love to do all of my writing long hand, but then it becomes tedious to type it all. Yet, then I can work on editing it as I am typing it. I feel like my writing has been a little put on hold because this is the book I want to finish. This is the book I intended this blog to be about and to hold me accountable.

Any topics you want me to blog about??? I have a few in the works right now, but we have many days left of September, so let me know.

Off to write!!


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