Remembering September 11, 2001 …

It’s been 13 years. It’s hard to believe. It still seems like yesterday.

A day that we will never forget.

I got up and was getting ready to go to school, it was my first quarter of vet tech school. My Dad told me that a plane crashed into the World Trade Center. I was like, “What?”. And then about 15 minutes later, what really seemed like minutes, he tells me another plane just crashed into the other tower. I was shocked, and not really thinking, headed off to school. The first class was a typing class, and she didn’t care, so we just typed away. My second class, we all gathered around the tv. We watched the tower collapse. The room was silent. We felt helpless. Then, the second tower collapsed.

I don’t recall how long we stayed at school. But we ended leaving early. I remember going home and just watching the coverage for the rest of the day. And balling my eyes out. And getting pissed off. So many emotions. So many lives lost. America was attacked. We were at war.

I’m lucky that I was not personally affected, in the sense of losing family or friends, but I grieve with those that have. My heart goes out to them. And I think of all those we lost and their families, not just today, Patriot Day, but throughout the year.

American Airlines Flight 11 / United Airlines Flight 175 / American Airlines Flight 77 / United Airlines Flight 93

World Trade Center (1 WTC / 2 WTC) / Pentagon / Somerset County, Pennsylvania

FDNY / NYPD / PAPD – All the first responders – All our heroes – human and canine

Our lives were forever changed.

One day, I hope to visit Ground Zero, and pay my respects to my fellow Americans.

A couple years ago, when Osama bin Laden was declared dead, we celebrated. Some justice was served.

But, the sorrow remains and always will.


We Will Rise. United We Stand. We Will Never Forget. Never Forget. 9/11. Nine Eleven. September 11th. 9/11/01.


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