Just a lil thursday night check in

Don’t have much to say. It’s pretty much SSDD.

Yesterday, I ended my night with a migraine. HATE those. Luckily, I don’t get them too often.

Today, was a stressful day at work. HATE those too. I want to be productive and get some writing in, yet I want to sit here and do nothing. Not sure which will win just yet. But, I will gladly accept either.

I’ve decided to call blogging in October, Blogtober. I am really excited for it. Think it’s going to be pretty fun. And a little different.

I have also decided that for my Christmas cards this year, I am going to paint my own. Think it will be really fun. A good way to get my creativeness going. I have wanted to get back to painting for awhile, but it’s been a couple years now. It’ll be a great way to relax. And I have the perfect time to do it, the beginning of November. I will be getting a lot of peace and quiet time for almost 2 weeks. It will likely be time consuming, but I have all my ideas picked out on what I am going to paint, and the saying for inside the cards. So, the prep work is pretty much done. Just need to make my list of who I’ll be sending them to.

So glad tomorrow is Friday. It is so weird how I get to be excited about Fridays again, it’s a little bizarre.


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