Introduction to Blogtober


I am committing myself to blogging everyday in October.

These blogs will be related to all things Halloween; in the horror genre; and things that are thrilling, suspenseful, frightening, gruesome, spine chilling, etc etc etc.

They will contain 2 parts.

1. The first part will be my favorite things. They will range from movies, actors, directors, series, characters, places, books, and even items.

2. The second part will be a movie from my Must Watch Halloween Movie List. (I saw a list on FB the other week, and I will be changing it up a little bit). They will be in no particular order.

Growing up, Halloween was always my favorite holiday. It wasn’t all about the candy. I always had a blast carving pumpkins, decorating, dressing up, and getting my butt scared. The best part of trick or treating to me was getting to see people’s houses decorated and getting freaked out.

October is just a little over and hour away.

Let’s get our spook on!


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