Raven Quinn’s Newest Release

One of my favorite artists, Raven Quinn, her newest album “Not In Vain” was released today. It is amazing.

photo 2


This is her second album. You can get the digital album on iTunes and Amazon (and right now it is on sale at Amazon mp3 and you get a signed poster with it) and you can get a signed cd on Raven’s website here. I purchased the signed cd, and since I couldn’t wait to listen to the album, I got a copy from iTunes as well.

The songs in the “Not in Vain” album are: Undone (prelude), Not in Vain, Cerulean, Melusine, Waking Dream, The Brink, Atypical, Gravitate, Beg, Dark City, and Save It. My faves being: Waking Dream, Atypical, and Save It.

Raven is not only a talented musician, but an artist as well. I am very lucky to have a commissioned piece from her, and hope to get a few more pieces next year.

Some links where you can find Raven:

Definitely check out Raven’s music. You won’t regret it!!


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