Winter Has Arrived

Old Man Winter has arrived. We had a nice snowstorm the beginning of this week. Snow and then sleet. I only got about 6-8 inches of that white crap, but the storm brought a range of 1 inch (with more rain/sleet) up to at least 12 inches. YUCK!

So, I just wanted to give a quick little update to all of this writing stuff that I should be accomplishing. And I am going to give you an excuse. Several excuses in fact.

The beginning of November was a very unproductive few weeks. No progress made.

And here are the excuses to flow….My parents went to Hawaii for 12 days. Now, this may not seem like an excuse, but, it was just me and my dog. And I had all these plans for cleaning and organizing and writing and even painting Christmas cards. Well, I did do cleaning and organizing – in the kitchen – but that was about it. The first weekend I kicked some major ass. Then, the week from hell arrived. Worked long days at work – which is cool and all – but someone had something stuck up their ass and was a major asshole all week – yep, I went there. So, after a long day, with the assness on top of it, by the time I got home, and fed and played with the dog, and showered, I was exhausted. I sat in the chair, ate my dinner, and watch Christmas movies on Hallmark. I watched a few youtube vids, caught up on fb and instagram (twitter has been falling down the list lately, and I haven’t been as active anymore), and was pretty much in bed by 10 pm. I managed to get my Christmas tree up, and some garland and lights – and now I sit here completely behind, but I will finish decorating my room this weekend. Then, the second weekend, I finished up the kitchen. No organizing and cleaning in my room. No starting my Christmas cards. Those 2 weeks sure went by quick – I ultimately knew that they would.

And to top it all off, I got no writing in, and I didn’t get any reading in. I just picked up a book on Tuesday. And I realized – I MISSED READING!

I am definitely falling behind on my goals for what I wanted to accomplish this year. I am failing at the purpose of this blog. I know – shit happens – life happens – but I can’t help think about how much of it was just pure laziness.

But, I still have high hopes for myself. It is time to hunker down. Instead of: “Oh, there’s always tomorrow” I need to make it: “There’s today! Get a move on! Let’s do this! No more excuses!”

So, my plan for the weekend, is to get all the final cleaning and organizing in my room I need to do done, get the rest of my Christmas decorations up, and make my Christmas Wish Lists. And Write! And Write Some More! And I plan on starting next week on a high!


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