First Post of 2015

Well, it’s a new year! Welcome 2015.

I apologize for the lack of blogs in December. I meant to blog, but caught up in the holidays, and the few extra days off, and just definitely put off on blogging.

I meant to blog last week on New Years Eve, so, here, I will write what I intended that blog to be:

Let’s Be Real

So, as the year is winding down, and we say goodbye to 2014, we re-evaluate the past and prepare for the future.

2014 was definitely not as productive as I would have liked – writing wise.

This blog post isn’t about making excuses, which it may end up sounding like. I started the blog mainly to hold myself accountable. I failed. Even with this failure, I want to push the positivity of starting this blog. I’ve enjoyed the experience, and hope to grow upon it.

I had lots of high hopes. Maybe I set the bar too high for myself??? (as I tend to do). I’m not sure.

2014 had a lot of ups, but a lot of downs as well – personally, professionally, emotionally.

I get stuck in the same rut – over and over. I’ll start writing something, am really excited about it, then, it drifts away. Many times other ideas come to me, and I get excited for them, and many times, then those will take over. In the end, I accomplish nothing.

My “excuses”:

1. I just fall back into the “normal” grind of life – work, eat, sleep, repeat.

2. Maybe I’m just meant to be a dreamer?

3. Laziness?

4. Fear-ridden?

5. I worry about things that I shouldn’t even be worrying about, at least until I’ve written a first draft!

6. Am I a good enough writer?

7. Will anyone want to read what I write?

8. Will anyone like what I write?

Pushing those all aside…

Nobody is going to make my dreams come true, but, ME!


3 comments on “First Post of 2015

  1. You sound like a really introspective person, and I struggle with that constantly.

    And I think age-wise, you’re going through a period where I super struggled and nearly gave up, too. But the good news is I think you’re ahead of where I was when I started pushing out of it.

    I think at some point, you start to learn from past efforts and then get frustrated and angry enough to not repeat your mistakes.

    Did I ever share with you the three books I thought you should read (as far as fiction writing)?

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