Getting Lost in a Book

The best thing about reading for me, is quite simply, getting lost in a book.

Getting lost in a world that isn’t real, yet, to the reader, becomes a real world.

Traveling to a far away place, or revisiting your backyard.

Characters, to fall in love with, or to despise and hate.

Books that you have a very difficult time putting down.

You read until the late hours of the night and keep nodding off to sleep, yet you try to keep reading.

When you are at work and all you want to do is to bury your face back into the pages of the story.

During your waking hours, you can think of nothing but the book’s story and characters, and during your sleeping hours, they are what you dream of.

Reading….is the best!

And March is Almost Over…

Wow! I cannot believe that March is almost over already.

Again, I apologize for pretty much being MIA on the blog this month.

I’ve been very frustrated in my working life. I am mentally exhausted from it. And the verbal and mental abuse does not help. That’s all I will say.

The first part of the month, my folks were away on vacation, so it was just me and the pup. As much as I tried to get reading in, it just didn’t help. I slowly got back into it. No, that’s a lie. I read Brad Thor’s “The Apostle” very quickly. My goal is to get caught up on Thor’s Scot Harvath series before the new one drops in July. I am just about now done with Christopher Rice’s “The Vines”. It has taken me awhile to get into, but I’m not sure why, because I am really enjoying the hell out of it. And let me tell you about that book cover, it is fantastic!!

As to writing, none of that has been going on. This just adds to my frustration.

I am trapped.

I am stuck in a rut.

When I get home from work (even if I get off extremely early), it takes me all damn day to decompress. I need to figure out how to take those feelings, and use it, instead of letting it vanish. Make it to fuel the fire. Because, I don’t see things changing, so, if I want things to change, I need to make motions. Stop dreaming. Start living. Grasp the potential. Stop being afraid. Take matters into my own hands. A new year starts next month.

It’s time to take a leap of faith.

Step outside of the box.

Slam life into four wheel drive and climb out of the rut.

We can do this.

I can do this!

Spring Fever / Spring Cleaning

It’s March!! Yay!!!

Last week, we got a dumping of snow, nothing like what the folks over in New England have been getting this winter, but we got about 8-9 inches of that white crap. Yuck! I just want Winter to be over.

And, I think Spring has finally arrived (and I do indeed hope it is here to stay). It was 40 yesterday. Mid 40s today. And it is supposed to hit the 50s tomorrow (I’m still not going to believe it until I see it, but since they have been right about this weekend, I have my fingers crossed).

So, when Spring gets here, I totally get Spring Fever. Get rid of that snow, and bring us the grass back. I love watching everything bud and start coming back to life. And that Spring air! You can’t beat that. And then I get the urge to clean.

So, I’ve done some room rearranging. I can’t move too many things around, but what I did manage to move, I think will be very good for me and to help me be more productive in my writing. I don’t have an office, but the way I positioned some things, it kind of now feels like I have one. I have always been a person who likes to rearrange things at least once a year. It just keeps things fresh. Now I just need to work on some organization, and I should be good to go.

I really hope to start getting back into daily blogging, or at least blogging a couple times a week. And to try to make more posts about writing, which this blog is supposed to be mainly about. But, I make no promises 🙂

Stick with me….