Spring Fever / Spring Cleaning

It’s March!! Yay!!!

Last week, we got a dumping of snow, nothing like what the folks over in New England have been getting this winter, but we got about 8-9 inches of that white crap. Yuck! I just want Winter to be over.

And, I think Spring has finally arrived (and I do indeed hope it is here to stay). It was 40 yesterday. Mid 40s today. And it is supposed to hit the 50s tomorrow (I’m still not going to believe it until I see it, but since they have been right about this weekend, I have my fingers crossed).

So, when Spring gets here, I totally get Spring Fever. Get rid of that snow, and bring us the grass back. I love watching everything bud and start coming back to life. And that Spring air! You can’t beat that. And then I get the urge to clean.

So, I’ve done some room rearranging. I can’t move too many things around, but what I did manage to move, I think will be very good for me and to help me be more productive in my writing. I don’t have an office, but the way I positioned some things, it kind of now feels like I have one. I have always been a person who likes to rearrange things at least once a year. It just keeps things fresh. Now I just need to work on some organization, and I should be good to go.

I really hope to start getting back into daily blogging, or at least blogging a couple times a week. And to try to make more posts about writing, which this blog is supposed to be mainly about. But, I make no promises 🙂

Stick with me….


One comment on “Spring Fever / Spring Cleaning

  1. I’m the same way!!

    If my desk isn’t organized, or sometimes even if I have too much to do in other parts of my life, it really affects my writing. Both in quantity and quality!

    Good for you for recognizing this and doing something about it!!!

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