And March is Almost Over…

Wow! I cannot believe that March is almost over already.

Again, I apologize for pretty much being MIA on the blog this month.

I’ve been very frustrated in my working life. I am mentally exhausted from it. And the verbal and mental abuse does not help. That’s all I will say.

The first part of the month, my folks were away on vacation, so it was just me and the pup. As much as I tried to get reading in, it just didn’t help. I slowly got back into it. No, that’s a lie. I read Brad Thor’s “The Apostle” very quickly. My goal is to get caught up on Thor’s Scot Harvath series before the new one drops in July. I am just about now done with Christopher Rice’s “The Vines”. It has taken me awhile to get into, but I’m not sure why, because I am really enjoying the hell out of it. And let me tell you about that book cover, it is fantastic!!

As to writing, none of that has been going on. This just adds to my frustration.

I am trapped.

I am stuck in a rut.

When I get home from work (even if I get off extremely early), it takes me all damn day to decompress. I need to figure out how to take those feelings, and use it, instead of letting it vanish. Make it to fuel the fire. Because, I don’t see things changing, so, if I want things to change, I need to make motions. Stop dreaming. Start living. Grasp the potential. Stop being afraid. Take matters into my own hands. A new year starts next month.

It’s time to take a leap of faith.

Step outside of the box.

Slam life into four wheel drive and climb out of the rut.

We can do this.

I can do this!


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