Memorial Day 2015

Memorial Day!

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Happy Memorial Day, we say. But, it isn’t really meant to be a happy day. It is a day for remembrance.

So, while we are enjoying our day off, 3-day weekend, having bbqs and parties, we need to stop and take a moment, and pay our respects to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice, defending our great country and securing our freedom. Remembering and honoring those heroes (our true heroes) who never made it home alive. Families who lost their: husband, wife, father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter.

Our freedom isn’t free.

God Bless to all of our fallen soldiers. May peace be given to their families. May God keep watch over all those that are currently serving, continuing to give us our freedom, and keep them safe.

And while we have many days for thanking/remembering our soldiers: Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day, Veterans Day; it is something that we should be doing daily. The thousands of men & women who put their lives on the line every day should not need a special day, it should be every day.

Saying these 2 little words, Thank You, doesn’t seem nearly enough. Words cannot express my gratitude to all those (past and present) that serve and protect us.



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