Mitch Rapp Is Back

So, earlier this week, I finally finished my ARC (Advanced Reader’s Copy) of The Survivor by Kyle Mills, who has taken over the series since Vince Flynn passed away 2 years ago. I meant to start it sooner, but I wanted to re-read The Last Man before starting The Survivor, and I had a minor setback with being sick last week.

And I wanted to take my time with it, meaning I didn’t want to read it in 2 days or less, even though I could. I just didn’t want to rush it, since it wasn’t Vince (except Chapter 1) and I felt that I couldn’t just get lost in the story, but needed to pay attention to the characters and the story, and all that jazz.

And let me tell you, Kyle Mills has done an incredible job. INCREDIBLE.

If I hadn’t been paying attention, and didn’t know that Vince didn’t write it, I may not have guessed it. Mills has done his research and knows Rapp, and the other characters, inside out. He has captured Vince’s voice.

Mills has taken over the series, making it his own, yet staying true not only to Vince Flynn, but to his characters, and more importantly to his fans.

After Vince passed, many fans would ask me over on VinceFlynnFans twitter if someone would be taking over the series, if I wanted someone to take over the series, or made the comment that they wanted someone to take over the series. At that time, I was against it, I didn’t want the series to continue. I felt that it wouldn’t be Vince’s voice. Yet, last year, shortly after Vince Flynn Day (to be exact), it was announced that Kyle Mills would be taking over. As soon as I saw that email, I got really excited and had a huge grin on my face. Even though the previous year I didn’t want it to continue, and I actually had never heard of Kyle. So, I started to do some research on him. The monthly VF email newsletter started doing Q&A with him. And one of the questions was what books of his to read that are similar to Vince, and one of the suggestions was Fade, so that night I got the kindle edition. And I read it. And I loved it. Months passed, and more Q&A’s made me excited. He was doing tons of research, becoming so familiar with the Rapp series in and out (he was already a Rapp fan). I knew he was the man for the job.

Flash forward to this year. He finished writing the book. The ARCs started coming out. Over at you can sign up to become a Mitch Rapp Ambassador. If you become an ambassador, you will receive an ARC. New ambassadors are picked every month until October. So if you are a Vince Flynn / Mitch Rapp fan, head on over and sign up (if you haven’t already).

I got my copy on Wed. I was so excited. And it helped take my mind off of being sick (damn kidney stone). And even though I had my copy, I was jealous of those that already started reading or even already finished their copies. I just couldn’t focus enough to read.


I started it. And finished it. In about 4 days.


There are tears. There are cheers.

I can’t wait until October when ALL the fans will be able to read The Survivor. I guarantee all Rapp fans will love it! 100%

Thank you Kyle Mills, for bringing Mitch Rapp back!

And of course thanks to the best in the business: to everyone at Emily Bestler Books, Atria Books, Simon & Schuster, David Brown, and to the Flynn Family.

10.6.15 #MitchRappIsBack

Remembering Vince Flynn

It’s June 19th

I still can’t believe that is has been 2 years already

Since we lost a great man

Vince Flynn

My heart goes out to all of us fans, and especially to the Flynn Family and his friends.

Vinnie is a guy that will never be forgotten. For the lucky to have known him, for the fans that got the chance to meet him, and for the world to see his Mitch Rapp legacy live on, through Kyle Mills.

It is a sad, but let’s make it a happy day. Share your memories…..because we are #RememberingVinceFlynn

My post Remembering Vince from last year.

And be sure to check out my friend, RTR’s (Ryan the Rappologist) post Remembering Vince Flynn

Keep The Faith! my friends

a kidney stone did it

Sorry I have been MIA this past week. I had a terrific day on Saturday, was very productive in cleaning, etc.

Went to bed about Midnight Sat night.

Woke up at 1:00 am Sun morning with that pain. THAT pain.

Lower left back.

The kidney.

Another kidney stone, fabulous. I had one back in October of 2013. So, I quickly went downstairs, grabbed 2 cups of water to drink, to get this thing moving and moving fast. Couple hours into it, the pain exploded, and then, I had to vomit. The pain decreased immediately. Relief. Last time, that was all I needed.

But of course

This time was going to be different.

About 20-30 mins later

The pain came back with a vengeance. This time in the front of my abdomen, in the center, down by the groin. It was so severe and after screaming in pain for a couple more hours (this was much worse than the pain in the back, that stayed but was now a dull pain) and warranted a trip to the ER.

Within 15-20 mins I had the blood drawn and was given IV pain meds, WHAT A RELIEF. Pain from 10 (I’m a pain baby) down to 0. CT scan shower a 2.5 mm stone in the left ureter about to drop into the bladder. Left ER after about 1 1/2 with a few oral pain meds and 2 pills for nauseousness.

Dull back pain for the next few days with some stomach (like when you have the stomach flu or something), and the stone finally passed Wed afternoon. At that point when it was in the bladder, it didn’t hurt, but it was slightly uncomfortable. When it came out, relief, no pain anywhere.

If you have never had a kidney stone, pray you never do!

And if you have, god, I feel you pain.

So, now, I’m back to feeling like a normal person.

How was your week?


I am a little obsessed with planners. Every fall, when the school supplies appear, I always buy one. But the funny thing is, I never use them. I may use it for a week or 2 (at most), but then it gets buried in  a pile and hidden away. I cannot tell you how many planners over the years that I have thrown away that I never even wrote a single word in them.

In middle school and high school, we received agendas, which in middle school I thought was the coolest thing ever. And they were really useful and I loved using them. Post high school, every single one I have ever tried to use, no such luck.

So, the last couple months, I have been coming across planner videos and supplies on youtube. And decorating your planner. I had never thought to decorate my planners before. Oh great, so here I go again. I caved in and bought a small planner July – June (I didn’t even know they did this chunk of months). And I’ve gotten washi tape and stickers too. Side note: now if I had only kept all those stickers from my childhood, I would have been set!! Ok, so for the past 2 weeks, I have been decorating (which is time consuming, but has been a blast, because I like to do things like that). And I have been filling things in. Progress. And I think with having it decorated, it will actually help me to keep motivated and interested in using it because it is so purty.

In the front part of the planner, there are 2 pages that have all the months written on the top, and little boxes for all the days. I find this will be the perfect spot to track how many words I write a day. And I can track my progress. And again, this will be a big motivator because it will be written down, all in one spot.

I’m really excited to really get to using this planner. I think it may help me make some small changes in my daily grind that I would like to make. And, seeing how it goes this summer, I may get a normal sized planner in the fall (but ONLY if I find myself using this one, because I am sick of throwing away unused planners).

Anyone else use planners out there?

Just Another Sunday

Today was a chill day. And after dealing with a sick pup for 2 days, it was needed. Thankfully, she is better and back to her normal self.

Got some fresh air watching the pup do her watchdogging and napping in the yard and on the driveway, while I was reading The Last Man by Vince Flynn (I almost forgot just how much I love this one).

Got some cleaning done in my bedroom. Switched around a few things.

And then it was already dinner time. And the night is winding down.

Didn’t get everything done that I planned for the weekend, but I did accomplish a few things.

So, that’s a win.

Here’s to hoping for a great week ahead!!!

Christmas in June???

So, I have found myself watching Vlogmas/Vlogcember videos on Youtube as of late. And I have been thinking about watching Christmas movies for the past few weeks. And tonight, I am!

Now, I have a huge stack of movies that I can watch, but of course, when the mood hits for something, I must fulfill its craving.

Now, while the majority of the plots of Christmas movies are the same, I love them all. Probably, because they are feel good movies. Feel good stories. Stories of love. Stories of family. Stories of miracles. And it helps that I am obsessed with Christmas.

And I think ABC Family is doing a Christmas in July movie-a-thon again this year. I’m very excited for that.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not rushing into Christmas just yet. Heck, winter just ended a bit ago.

Maybe I will watch some Halloween movies tomorrow, to balance it out.

Authors are the best kind of celebrity

For today’s blog, I was going to list the books that I am most excited to read that are currently stuck in my HUGE to read pile. But after some events that took place tonight, specifically on twitter, I decided to put that one off and do another one for tonight.

I wanted to talk about celebrities. And authors.

To me, it seems, that authors are the best type of “celebrities” (if you want to label them as celebrities). They seem to be really genuine and nice and caring towards their fans (in which many don’t want to label their fans as fans). They interact well with us (fans). Whether it be at a signing, out in about in public, on social media, etc. Of the many authors that I have met in person (and this includes some big named ones too), this holds true. They talk to you like you’ve been friends for years. They talk to you like they are actually interested in your life and care.

Now, I guess, considering that I haven’t met many big named celebs, movie stars, music stars, sports stars etc, that I really can’t compare. But, in those gossip magazines, tv shows, and internet sites, you usually don’t hear anything bad about authors. I guess, you don’t really hear much about authors. Maybe that is because they are busy writing, LOL.

But, the best fans in the world, are those that belong to an author. I run a fan twitter for the late Vince Flynn. And I will say, he has the best fans hands down (and I am proud to be one of them). I know a few people that have done fan twitters/facebook pages/sites for other public figures/celebs/tv shows, and I have always noticed drama. But, I have never once had any drama or issues while running my twitter. Not 1. So, this is why I say authors have the best fans. And they are the most loyal of fans too.

So what happened tonight to make me blog this? (1) Brad Taylor had posted his book tour dates on Facebook, but didn’t on his twitter, so I tweeted about them on my twitter and the VFF twitter. He replied and thanked me, that he forgot to do it on twitter. (2) As well on the VFF twitter, I tweeted how many followers we needed to reach our goal. And Brad Thor retweeted it. Thus, increasing our numbers.

It’s just little things like that. They make me smile. 🙂

This isn’t in any form to name drop, but to share. I know it doesn’t apply to ALL authors or ALL fans (but that applies across the board as well).

Honestly, I would much rather meet/hang out with a favorite author than a “celebrity” in any other field.

New Book Releases: 2nd Half of 2015

So for todays blog, I am making a list of the 2nd half of 2015 book releases that I’m most excited about and am recommending because they are either a favorite author and/or series. As I discover more books, I will just add them in an edit at the end of this post. The majority are thrillers, but I do enjoy books of many different genres.

Here we go!

And the Good News Is…: Lessons and Advice from the Bright Side by Dana Perino – available now

Making the Case: How to Be Your Own Best Advocate by Kimberly Guilfoyle – available now

Independence Day by Ben Coes – available now

In Real Life: My Journey to a Pixelated World by Joey Graceffa – available now

I, Justine: An Analog Memoir by Justine Ezarik – available now

The President’s Shadow by Brad Meltzer – 6/16

Sins of the Innocent: A Novella by Jamie McGuire – 6/28

The Insider Threat by Brad Taylor – 6/30

The English Spy by Daniel Silva – 6/30

Code of Conduct by Brad Thor – 7/7

Something Beautiful: A Novella by Jamie McGuire – 8/16

Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes – 9/8

Murder, She Wrote: the Ghost and Mrs. Fletcher by Donald Bain & Jessica Fletcher – 10/6

The Survivor by Vince Flynn & Kyle Mills – 10/6

Mentions for 2016: Beautiful Burn by Jamie McGuire – 1/31, The Year of the Locust by Terry Hayes – 5/3, and the next Murder-By-Month mystery by Jess Lourey

I Should Take My Own Advice

Today, I wanted to blog about things that I say but I don’t do (which is pretty stupid when I think about it).

You are never too old for your dreams or goals. Never. And don’t be afraid to share them with others. Tell people you trust. Tell people who are going to support/encourage/motivate you.

See? Right there? I’m doing it right now.

I never knew what I wanted to do/be when I grew up. Whenever I was asked, I always changed my mind and would say different things. But, being a writer always stuck with me though, but I always kept it hidden and away. Locked up. Where it was safe. I never told anyone. I never tell anyone now, which seems silly since I pretty much tell the whole world through this blog. But, the majority of you, I don’t know in real life. While I have shared this blog on twitter, I haven’t on Facebook. Is it because I am afraid? Simply…yes.

I am my worst critic. I feel like I am never good enough (this applies to so much more than just writing). I’m not a very self-confident person. I admit that.

Anywho, to whomever reads this,

I just want to tell you…

YOU are an amazing person.

YOU are never too old to dream.

Don’t let anyone tell you differently or say you can’t do something.

Because anything is possible. ANYTHING.

You can’t succeed without failure, so don’t let the little bumps in the road keep you held back. Keep fighting.

Will I ever truly be a writer? I don’t know. I want to though. It is my dream. It’ been my dream since childhood. And I am the only one who can make it happen.

It’s time to start taking my own advice.


Keep The Faith! (Vince Flynn)


Stay In The Fight! (Brad Thor)