Christmas in June???

So, I have found myself watching Vlogmas/Vlogcember videos on Youtube as of late. And I have been thinking about watching Christmas movies for the past few weeks. And tonight, I am!

Now, I have a huge stack of movies that I can watch, but of course, when the mood hits for something, I must fulfill its craving.

Now, while the majority of the plots of Christmas movies are the same, I love them all. Probably, because they are feel good movies. Feel good stories. Stories of love. Stories of family. Stories of miracles. And it helps that I am obsessed with Christmas.

And I think ABC Family is doing a Christmas in July movie-a-thon again this year. I’m very excited for that.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not rushing into Christmas just yet. Heck, winter just ended a bit ago.

Maybe I will watch some Halloween movies tomorrow, to balance it out.


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