I am a little obsessed with planners. Every fall, when the school supplies appear, I always buy one. But the funny thing is, I never use them. I may use it for a week or 2 (at most), but then it gets buried in  a pile and hidden away. I cannot tell you how many planners over the years that I have thrown away that I never even wrote a single word in them.

In middle school and high school, we received agendas, which in middle school I thought was the coolest thing ever. And they were really useful and I loved using them. Post high school, every single one I have ever tried to use, no such luck.

So, the last couple months, I have been coming across planner videos and supplies on youtube. And decorating your planner. I had never thought to decorate my planners before. Oh great, so here I go again. I caved in and bought a small planner July – June (I didn’t even know they did this chunk of months). And I’ve gotten washi tape and stickers too. Side note: now if I had only kept all those stickers from my childhood, I would have been set!! Ok, so for the past 2 weeks, I have been decorating (which is time consuming, but has been a blast, because I like to do things like that). And I have been filling things in. Progress. And I think with having it decorated, it will actually help me to keep motivated and interested in using it because it is so purty.

In the front part of the planner, there are 2 pages that have all the months written on the top, and little boxes for all the days. I find this will be the perfect spot to track how many words I write a day. And I can track my progress. And again, this will be a big motivator because it will be written down, all in one spot.

I’m really excited to really get to using this planner. I think it may help me make some small changes in my daily grind that I would like to make. And, seeing how it goes this summer, I may get a normal sized planner in the fall (but ONLY if I find myself using this one, because I am sick of throwing away unused planners).

Anyone else use planners out there?


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