About that planner….

So, do you remember when I was discussing that I bought a new planner and was having fun decorating it? Do you think I have used it yet? Well, for the most part, I haven’t. It started in July (in which I was really really really excited for it to be July already so I could finally start really using it), I wrote things in it that I knew ahead of time, but that’s about it. Figures, right? Starting tomorrow, I’m going to get back into using it. For real this time.

Since stores are already putting out school supplies, and have since the beginning of the month, I have checked out the planners. The full-sized ones. And, I think I may purchase one. Yeah yeah, I know exactly what you are thinking. But, I have a plan.

Today I was thinking about how I can revamp my blog. Start using it more. And not just saying I’m going to blog everyday, and then don’t end up doing that. I’ve been thinking about making the days have a theme (on top of my normal randomness blogging). Like on other social media (Throwback Thursday, Flashback Friday, etc). So I’ve been spending the last few hours thinking of what I would like the days to be (making them special enough to share more about myself, my likes, etc). I’ve come up with the majority of them, so tomorrow I will do a blog introducing my plans on that and what the days will be. I will likely not do every day every week, but I think it will help liven and spice things up a bit.


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