9 years ago…

9 years ago today, we drove many many miles and many many hours to Winthrop MN to pick up a little female Tibetan Spaniel puppy. It was a rainy day. We got to the house, and in the yard there was a little pen with about 4 or 5 puppies. They all ran to the front when we walked up to it, except one. A little black one. Me and Mom were talking, and I said I wanted any but that one in the back. It was the runt, and it was all wet. Well, that one was the female. She was ours. Awww. All the others were boys. They must have been beating up on her, because they were all dry. When I first held her, she melted my heart. On the drive home, she was continually passed from the back seat up to the front seat. She mainly slept. We stopped at my Aunt & Uncle’s house for a pit stop. There, she was named, after the greatest person to come out of Tibet, the Dalai Lama. Dad came up with the spelling, Daleigh. I loved it. We got home. She didn’t know what to do. We had a little bed for her, and many toys. The months to follow were wonderful. I would take pics pretty much on a daily basis and go get them developed at Walmart practically every week. She was the sweetest pup. And fricken adorable. She would whine in the middle of the night, which was fine, but when you would come back in from outside, you’d have to play with her for pretty much an hour before she would pup out and go back to sleep. At 5 months, I took her to my old clinic to be spayed. She was forced to wear the cone of shame, because she was a licker, and I didn’t want to take any chances. She would not do her business outside with it on, so you would have to take it off, then as soon as you would come inside, she would tear around the house. LOL! After that, Dad felt sorry for her, and she got upgraded to sleep in the bed. It just takes one time of that, and then they become a bed dog. At 6 months, she turned evil. No lie. She bit. We got through that, for the most part. Not sure what happened. She definitely has attitude and personality. She can be so sweet when she wants to be though. I taught her to sit. Dad taught her to bark. She taught herself to sing. She likes few people. She likes fewer dogs. But that’s ok. She’s stubborn. She listens when she wants to. She’s a female. But… she’s my world. She IS my life. She comes first. ALWAYS! She is always put before me. I will feed her before I eat. I miss things. Parties. Events. Etc. Or leave things early, especially if we have a drive, because typically we do. Because my dog comes first. She is a member of my family. Some days, well most days really, she can drive me nuts. Sometimes she can piss me off, but that never lasts long. Other times, she gives me a million kisses. Life would be different without her. But, I am glad she is in my life. When I am having a bad day, she can turn it around. She’s my spoiled little girl. I call this day her 2nd birthday. Yep, she gets two: the day she was born, and the day we brought her home. That’s just how special she is.

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