November Flew By

Well, November sure flew by!!

I hope you all have had a great month and a wonderful Thanksgiving.

November 1st, I was pretty much all decorated for Christmas. Yes, I am one of those people. I love Christmas so much, that I always decorate shortly after Halloween. I try to get everything done in November (decorate, cards, wrap presents), so I can spend December just enjoying everything. I actually just finished writing out all my cards last week, and I am for the most part done shopping. Yay.

I totally scored on dvds this Black Friday. Once I get my final order in, I will do a final count (and maybe even list all the dvds I got. Typically, Black Friday is all about me, and I shop for myself. The ads this year, were pretty lame in my opinion. The only thing I got besides dvds was a Cricut machine (more about that later in another blog post, I plan on doing tomorrow, so stay tuned), and a few items from Old Navy.

Movember has been pretty successful! As I am writing this, my team Mitch Rapp & the Killer Moustaches has raised $11,492!!! Very awesome!!

We are currently getting some measurable, stick able snow. Winter is finally upon us. Boy, we sure had a pretty lovely November.

I promise to not let so much time pass in between posts…..

Goodbye November….

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