Blogmas 5, 2014

Hello Hello, it’s already December 5th!!!

Today’s movie selections are 2 more of my absolutely faves (yes, yes, yes, I know I have a lot of favorites): “Christmas with the Kranks” which is based on John Grisham’s book “Skipping Christmas” & “Deck the Halls”.

In “Christmas with the Kranks” we find the Kranks skipping Christmas and going on a cruise, not only to save money, but since their only daughter is away on a peace corps mission. But surprise, their daughter will be home for Christmas, and in a mad rush, the Kranks must decorate, cook, and throw a party, all with the help of their neighbors whom the Kranks put off, in order to give Blair Christmas.

In “Deck the Halls” a new neighbor moves in and decides that he wants his house to be seen from space and goes all out with millions of lights, all the while irritating his neighbor and “ruining” his Christmas.

These are definitely 2 you should check out!

And if you’re lucky enough to ever catch the movie “Battle of the Bulbs” that is a good one with neighborly competition to outdo each other with their lights and decorations. I have been waiting patiently for this one to come out on dvd. It was available on Prime Video for awhile, but I never got it (boy am I biting myself on that one – but – I collect dvds, so I wanted a physical copy. One day hopefully, one day).

I will not be celebrating Christmas this year!

Nah, I am, Merry Christmas!!!


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