Blogmas 13, 2015

For today’s selections, I will be finishing up the Home Alone Series: “Home Alone 3” and “Home Alone: The Holiday Heist” (Home Alone 5).

Now, you may be wondering where Home Alone 4 is?

Truthfully, I hate that movie. If I recall, it was a made for tv movie, and I remember watching, and I completely hated it because they used the existing characters (well, the names anyways). So, I refuse to ever watch this one again. And the only reason that I ever have it, is because it is in a H.A. Collection 4 pack.

“Home Alone 3” I simply adore because let’s face is, Alex D Linz is such a little cutie. And I love how they stay true to the H.A. storyline, but made it it’s own.

“Home Alone 5” compares in the same with 3, that it’s the plot, but they made it it’s own. This was another made for tv movie that came out couple years ago.

3 & 5 definitely live up to 1 & 2, but of course nothing can replace the original and its sequel.

Don’t mess with a kid’s house, or a kid’s Christmas!


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