Blogmas 14, 2015

Today, I am feeling a little grumpy. Things are going to be changing (work schedule) and pretty sure I will be having an increase of stress for awhile. I definitely am the type that gets in a routine and then I get stuck int hat routine and when it differs, it throws me off, I get stressed, and I get crabby. (And you would think after reading all those political thrillers that I would keep from keeping everything routine and the same in my schedule, not that an assassin would ever be after me, but hey, you never know! LOL)

So to encourage my mood to do a flip tonight, I decided what a better tale than “A Christmas Carol”. Tonight, I’m going with “A Carol Christmas” and “The Muppet Christmas Carol” versions. The first, to let me brood and be selfish, the second to lift me up and be happy!

Merry Christmas! Bah, Humbug!!


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