Blogmas 17, 2015

Tonight’s picks revolve around Christmas and Royalty with “A Princess For Christmas” and “A Royal Christmas”.

In “A Princess For Christmas” we find Jules Daly caring for her niece and nephew, recently loses her job, and takes the kids to Europe to spend Christmas with the children’s grandfather who happens to be the Duke of Castlebury Hall. His son, Prince Ashton, finds himself falling for Jules despite already being in a relationship.

In “A Royal Christmas” Emily and her boyfriend Leo, who happens to be a prince, travel to Cordinia to spend Christmas with his mother, Queen Isadora, who is intent of her son marrying Natasha, and not a commoner.

It’s every little (and not so little) girl’s dream to be a princess. And that Prince Harry is mighty fine. Alas, it isn’t really a “job” I’d actually want to have. While it seems like a perfect life, I’m sure in a lot of aspects that it is far from it. The royalty life certainly isn’t for me, but, it will always live in my dreams as a fairytale 🙂


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