Blogmas 23, 2015

I got the year right on this one, LOL.

So tonight, I’m bringing in some more of the animated classics with…

“A Garfield Christmas”

“Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol”

“Frosty the Snowman”

I will likely throw in some Christmas Carol remakes tonight or some other feel good Christmas movies or stalk Lifetime, ABC Family, and Hallmark Channel. It will likely be my last night with the dvds.

Less than 48 hours until Christmas!

The final of my gifts came in today, just need to wrap them. And then I am good to go. We open presents tomorrow night. And will then do more presents with my brother’s family on Christmas night. It’s so much fun watching the niece and nephew open gifts (now that they are really into them).

Well, with any of the gifts I give, I get more pleasure in the giving than the receiving. I pretty much know everything I am getting (somebody kept telling me every time they picked up something off my list, LOL), but that’s alright. And I know I am getting all the books I asked for but 1, but, I don’t remember all the titles, so, it’ll still be fun and surprising.

On the @VinceFlynnFans twitter this month, I have been doing Rappmas, where I have been giving away gifts every day in December up until Christmas, and I have been having so much fun doing it.

Can you guess what my movie pick is for tomorrow night?? HO HO HO


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