The new year is here! Happy New Year everyone!!!!!

I’m not really into making resolutions, because of all that I have ever made over the last damn near 30 years, I have never kept. I start out good and strong, then life happens, and, you know.

So, I’m not really making any resolutions for 2016, but maybe, rather, perhaps, some goals. There are many things that I have wanted to accomplish these past few years, that I haven’t. And I feel that the time is now.

One big thing in the new year, I want to try to bring some structure and routine to my blog.

Last summer, I remember that I worked on making up some categories and then I didn’t do anything with them. So, the last couple weeks, I’ve been revisiting these thoughts, and figured what better time than the new year.

I am working on changing my schedule and actually creating one by blocking off time for things (for example: 1 hour for pleasure reading, 1 hour for Bible reading, 1 hour or episode(s) of tv, 1 hour or MORE for writing) after getting home from work. I want to work on my writing, but I will still need to make some downtime and relax time to wind down from my work day. But, if I ever want to be an author, I need to finish a project. And this coming year has been presented with many challenges ahead that will definitely be causing a significant amount of stress in my life. And there will be nothing to change that. And, I had a certain plan for 2015, but it certainly didn’t pan out, and I am out of really pissed at myself for it. But, the past is in the past, and instead of sulking about it, I am moving on and moving ahead. I say this every year, but, this year, 2016, THIS IS GOING TO BE MY YEAR!

This past week I haven’t used my Erin Condren Life Planner much, simply because I haven’t made the labels that I want to use for it. Project for this weekend. and I actually ended up finding a planner (an At-A-Glance hourly one) that goes form 12am to 11pm daily. Perfect. Each page is split in half, and has the day hour slots on one half and a notes section for the other half. Double perfect. And today is the day to start it. I specifically want to use it to track my writing and the notes half will be good for extra ideas that pop into my head, or things I need to research, or anything.

So, for a blog structure, this is what I have planned. I hope to do it weekly, but I am not going to “force” myself to do it. I’m not going to just do a blog to do a blog. I want to have some meat & potatoesness to it. And I simply just want to be more active on my blog, because it brings me joy and is a good thing to help me relax.

Motivational Mondays: here I plan to post inspirational/motivational quotes/sayings.

Writing Wednesdays: updates on my writing. I’ve been very slack on my writing and the time for a change is now. And I want to bring back this blog to what I intended its purpose to be, to keep me on track and compliant to my goals.

Thursday Reads: here I will post either what I am currently reading, or what I have recently finished. And I will likely push book/author recommendations to this day as well.

Favorite Fridays: just posting on my favorite things. This will likely be a collection of randomness from books, authors, food, products, anything.

Bible Study Sundays: I have never read through the entire Bible, and have always wanted to. A few years back I actually purchased this huge Bible that is side-by-side and has the NIV (New International Version), KJV (King James Version), NASB (New American Standard Bible), and the AMP (Amplified Bible). Not sure what I will be posting for these days, it could be a verse I liked, or my interpretation of a passage. I am Catholic, but I am not the most religious person out there. But I am very excited to begin this journey.

I’m not going to go into my goals for 2016, except for the writing one. I want to finish 1 book. I want to finish 2 books. I want to finish 5 books. I need to put in the time and effort. They won’t write themselves. I am not going to let all the fears keep me from writing. There are things that I feel are holding me back, but they are things that I don’t need to worry about at this time.

So, with that, I wish everyone a very Happy, Healthy, and Successful 2016. This year is ALL of ours!!!! If we fall, we will get right back up! Let’s do this!


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